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You've made Mega Man fans happy today, Nintendo. (Archived)Banjo255376/11/2013
Any chance Wii U will get kingdom hearts 3 as well? (Archived)
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Nintendo, Re-Design you're console with better specs. (Archived)spikes147156/11/2013
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Where to see Pokemon Direct? (Archived)
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So far I`m excited for X and Wonderful 101 (Archived)oldhbk7636/11/2013
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KH3 coming XO but not Wii U?! (Archived)
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Don't care about SSB, didn't watch the conf. Anything else good? (Archived)
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Still no gamecube downloads. (Archived)tobias9036/11/2013
You guys do realize DKCR2 is slated for this fall, right? (Archived)
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New Zelda was almost announced (Archived)
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I bet Sony drones are coming here already trying to stop Wii U's invasion.... (Archived)
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