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Would you buy Mario golf for WiiU (Poll)Mobius1Rising45/3/2014
Never had a Wii. What games should I get? (Archived)
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Anyone else wish Hudson Soft didn't sell out. (Archived)
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My idea/concept for Zelda U, and how the GamePad can be well implemented (Archived)
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Name a GBA game that's not on Wii U VC but should be. (Archived)
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Idea (dream) for Retros secret project (Archived)Frankula35/3/2014
I have joined the Wii U owner ranks! (Archived)
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Monster hunter u (Archived)Mobius1Rising85/3/2014
Wii U logo is in source code for call of duty advanced warfare website. (Archived)Hercik135/3/2014
Hypothetical: Nintendo announces something that completely restores your faith (Archived)o___Okami95/3/2014
I've been having trouble accessing the eShop for a while now... (Archived)warior5535/3/2014
What Do You Recommend (Archived)
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Dare i say Wind Waker is the best of the zeldas? (Archived)
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When is E3, and when is Nintendo presenting? (Archived)slymshady55/3/2014
Anyone think SMG2 isn't as good as the first one? (Archived)Watt64105/3/2014
I changed my VC buttons and can no longer enter the save state screen. (Archived)3khc45/3/2014
Anyone ever have problems ordering a digital game from Club Nintendo (Archived)JurassicBond45/3/2014
Why isn't the music of super luigi bros. reversed? (Archived)Zellio201445/3/2014
Even if the Wii U 'fails', the 3ds is 'saving' Nintendo. (Archived)terminacarnival55/3/2014
For people who are hating on The Wii U because of the GamePad... (Archived)
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