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Help with Wii to Wii U data transfer (Archived)NukedToVoid51/24/2014
"Nintendo warns of full year loss" (Archived)
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Maybe the Wii U should be an RPG focused console. (Archived)
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I think the main problem is that this is a "secondary console" with a... (Archived)
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I had a nightmare last night, that the Wii U got Dreamcasted'. (Archived)Wii_Truth101/24/2014
Rumour: UK 2013 software sales numbers (Archived)squatch22101/24/2014
Will DKC:TF have online multiplayer? (Archived)
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Strongest Zelda? (The character) Legend of Zelda serie SPOILERS (Archived)Trivio41/24/2014
Hypothetical, (Archived)Apex-Player11/24/2014
How important is it for Nintendo's next system to be backward compatible? (Poll)
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My Wii just broke :'( (Archived)
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A Pokemon RPG Would Save The Wii U (Archived)1_Der61/24/2014
the wii wii u gap suddenly slows (Archived)hydrocrush11/24/2014
Could a restyling of the Wii U save it? (Archived)Rapscallion8471/24/2014
Pacman,Sonic LW or Ducktales? (Archived)Mindwipe7781/23/2014
Does the cold affect the Wii U? (Archived)NonTurtle81/23/2014
GameXplain answers a ton of Questions about DKC: Tropical Freeze (Archived)duderdude371/23/2014
Update Data (Archived)Mad Mage31/23/2014
X1 Vs Wii U vs PS4 the games: No poll just your thoughts on which has the better (Archived)
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So now that Watch Dogs is pretty much cancelled for Wii U (Archived)
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