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Dissapointed, but at least better games coming than other systems. (Archived)
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serious question (Archived)Rackball5466/11/2013
Everyone at E3 is showing off great games, but only 1 game made me giddy... (Archived)gholin36/11/2013
Effort put into Super Mario 3D World? (Poll)
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All the people complaining about DKC: TF (Archived)
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"To play all the games, you need to convert to xbox or ps4" (Archived)
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So, what was today's Nintendo Direct about? (Archived)Innerscope36/11/2013
Megaman in Smash, so some levels designed with Megaman in mind? (Archived)DiscostewSM16/11/2013
Is WiiU's local multi game selection anywhere near as good as it was on the N64? (Archived)Voysa_Reezun26/11/2013
Nice Nintendo (Archived)WarLordGanon256/11/2013
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Quite happy with what they showed! (Archived)Fire_Plover36/11/2013
Is there any site that only reports on "relevant" Nintendo news? (Archived)
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Probability of new SKU/model? (Archived)Pixx046/11/2013
Nintendo Direct wasted time showing Skylanders and Disney games (Archived)bidoof0156/11/2013
Xbox in dog race with PS4 (gif) (Archived)LilMajerCartune26/11/2013
I was hoping Nintendo would really sell the gamepad. (Archived)Nerreltron900046/11/2013
No metroid was pretty shocking. (Archived)
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Anyone not picking up 3D World? (Archived)
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WiiU has some great games coming out (finally), so does the Xbox and PS4. (Archived)Nolax76/11/2013