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Do the Pro controllers come with charge cables? (Archived)
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I'm getting a Wii-U game but I don't know which to get. (Archived)BetrayedTangy912/29/2013
Cant play wii games with gamepad? (Archived)Loku12212/29/2013
Which game compels/compelled you the most to get a Wii U? (Archived)
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Need help setting up system (Archived)sephiroth0000512/29/2013
NSMB3DW is $34.99 at Target 3DS games $14.99 (Archived)
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Nintendo wins "Publisher of the Year" :) from (Poll)b1gt0ne412/29/2013
I can't get over how good Ninja Gaiden Razor is! (Archived)
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Crowns on the Icons (Archived)Panner512/29/2013
Is assymetric multiplayer always bad, or does the Wii U do it right? (Archived)iKhan88812/29/2013
3DS is the successful little brother compared to the older bro Wii U. (Archived)7lightsXIII612/29/2013
No Minecraft for Wii U (Archived)
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does anybody know who is composing the music for X? (Archived)docman864412/29/2013
NSMB3DW is the next big Mario title (Archived)RemixDeluxe812/29/2013
Frustrating that some Wii U games always out of stock on GAME UK site and stores (Archived)funky1471112/29/2013
The Wonderful 101 is my first WiiU game, but (Archived)
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The term "Niche" and Japanese games (Archived)YoyokuKO312/29/2013
My friend just got a Wii U with Super Mario Bros (Archived)
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Going to get wiiu from bestbuy. what store can I price match to? (Archived)EbonMagician212/29/2013
Anyone getting Dr. Luigi? (Poll)
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