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My Wii just broke :'( (Archived)
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A Pokemon RPG Would Save The Wii U (Archived)1_Der61/24/2014
the wii wii u gap suddenly slows (Archived)hydrocrush11/24/2014
Could a restyling of the Wii U save it? (Archived)Rapscallion8471/24/2014
Pacman,Sonic LW or Ducktales? (Archived)Mindwipe7781/23/2014
Does the cold affect the Wii U? (Archived)NonTurtle81/23/2014
GameXplain answers a ton of Questions about DKC: Tropical Freeze (Archived)duderdude371/23/2014
Update Data (Archived)Mad Mage31/23/2014
X1 Vs Wii U vs PS4 the games: No poll just your thoughts on which has the better (Archived)
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So now that Watch Dogs is pretty much cancelled for Wii U (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
If you say you ain't hyped for the new Donkey Kong after watching this video... (Archived)
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Which Game Should I Buy? (Poll)canoli2208271/23/2014
Games that make you wish there were achievements/trophies (Archived)TruthsEdge101/23/2014
GameFAQS lists Mario Kart 8 for 04/01 in USA. Any idea where they got this info? (Archived)New Link81/23/2014
Will Smash Bros 4 save the WiiU (Archived)Outsider122071/23/2014
Does the Wii U have third party support? (Archived)Tyronelio151/23/2014
I just bought a Wii U with 7 games for $200 (Archived)zelgamerguy101/23/2014
Your reaction: Nintendo announces the Year of Mario! (Archived)HeroC11481/23/2014
Are you a hardcore Nintendo fan? (Archived)
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NintendoCast (Archived)jamefaqs51/23/2014
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