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are people expecting WII U to be another PS4 or X1 system?? (Archived)
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Boy can you imagine if they don't have anything worth showing at E3? (Archived)
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Pachter Says PS4 Will Probably Outsell Wii U by Spring Globally (Archived)
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Nintendo Wii U bombing... (Archived)
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Wii U isn't Virtualboy (Archived)Semi45a61/19/2014
My idea to get the dude bros. to buy a Wii U. (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to start making some limited Edition Wii U's (Archived)GI_Ti11/19/2014
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Someone who would want to play Nintendo games (Archived)its_matt31/19/2014
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If I performed at my job as Michael Pachter does at financial analysis... (Archived)
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so 15% of users said Nintendo should make games for Sony and Microsoft (Archived)
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This board has convinced me to sell my wii u (Archived)kukingina241/19/2014
What is in worse shape Wii U or Xbox One? (Archived)Semi45a81/19/2014
nintendo going 3rd party? (Archived)kukingina231/19/2014
Why am I not hyped for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze at all??? (Archived)
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The Wii U is going to have its own history (Archived)QlJGamer31/19/2014
So the Wii U is pretty much another Vita?? (Archived)IloveslimesOMG61/19/2014
more anti-iwata news (Archived)
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