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So it's the new hip thing to hate on the Wii U now, according to everybody. (Archived)ShadooTH64/3/2014
Why so much hate againts Iwata? (Archived)
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Mario Kart 8 Preview - Rainbow Road 64 is back! (GameXplain) (Archived)
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Are there any asian apes in Donkey Kong? (Archived)RoboXgp8984/3/2014
Why is my Gamepad Screen Tearing? (Archived)ShadooTH44/3/2014
How many proper games are there now and how many was at this point for (Archived)GoreGamer34/3/2014
So how is sss? (Archived)Tropicalfreeze14/3/2014
Why can't Iwata own up to his mistakes? (Archived)
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I wished my ps3 & Xbox 360 games look as good as MK8 (Archived)jaymart_2k34/3/2014
Mario Kart 8 gamepad usage up close; form your own opinions after watching (Archived)BaronVladz24/3/2014
If you're a fairly competitive gamer, do you enjoy playing Mario Kart games? (Archived)
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Of course the Wii U PAd won't bring anything unique to MK8 (and Smash 4 too) (Archived)guedesbrawl24/3/2014
Your number one most wanted GBA game/series? (Archived)
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Eshop advice (Archived)iam4lsi254/3/2014
MK 8 - What the heck is happening in this screenshot? (Archived)
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Did the Wii U get that patch that boosts the graphics yet? (Archived)
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Mario kart 8 wii remote (Archived)firestorm930524/3/2014
My theory why the gamepad kinda sucks. (Archived)LonelyGoomba84/3/2014
Wii remote or pro controller? (Archived)firestorm9305104/3/2014
MK8 features music recorded by live performers... (Archived)Jonbazookaboz54/3/2014
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