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Wii U somps all over Vita sales in latest NPD (Archived)
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Gamespot suggested something unfeasible with the Wii U (Archived)Semi45a101/18/2014
Nintendo should focus on developing its games before its next console (Archived)Semi45a31/18/2014
Will Iwata's new buisiness structure will make Nintendo #1 again? (Archived)Semi45a51/18/2014
GC and N64 made Profit selling less than 35M, so can wii U... (Archived)The_Djoker21/18/2014
Japanese stock holders plan to murder Iwata after he says he won't resign. (Archived)originalhipster71/18/2014
since someone from this board made the poll of the day.. (Archived)Retroxgamer041/18/2014
Gamepad ideas from tabletop games (Archived)guttertalk11/18/2014
Hudson/ Nec went Third Party and Look at Them Today. (Archived)
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As a Wii U owner, are you worried now? (Poll)
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As a Nintendo fan, This is the best thing that could've happaned (Archived)amld41/18/2014
What Nintendo should do about the Wii U (Archived)VideoWizard71/18/2014
Any chance of a new kirby air ride on wii u? (Archived)squidcow41/18/2014
How would you react if (Archived)its_matt21/18/2014
For some reason I don't think nintendo is done (Archived)chedibang199451/18/2014
You reaction: All the "Your reaction: Link in Zelda U is ____" stops (Archived)Snow-Dust31/18/2014
Your reaction: Link is Zelda U is an animal (Archived)DeodorantSpray31/18/2014
Calling it now. SMT X Fire Emblem will be canceled. (Archived)Dersu_Uzala51/18/2014
mario 3d world is a nice game (Archived)marwiiu3d21/18/2014
Wait, the Wii U isn't getting the new Strider? (Archived)o___Okami41/18/2014