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Will square announce anything for the wii U (Archived)
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Nintendo should do something like this tomorrow (Archived)iKhanic36/10/2013
So... I really hope they show the neew xeno monolithsoft is working on... (Archived)Cookie Bag26/10/2013
I want the abandonded futuristic Zelda game. (Archived)
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Wii U Basic is $100 less than PS4 (Archived)
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something bugs me about sony's press conference (Archived)TrstTheLord36/10/2013
Will FFXV and KH3 get a Wii U release? (Archived)
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Ryu X476/10/2013
No Beyond Good and Evil 2 at Microsoft or Ubisoft conference... (Archived)MilesTeg42086/10/2013
Nintendo is going to go crazy tomorrow with game reveals. Watch. (Archived)
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The Wii U has the best lineup (Archived)raimi_ace46/10/2013
"Data finished installing" (Archived)Poweranimals36/10/2013
Reminder! The PlayStation 4 board is up. Please focus all KH3 discussion there (Archived)Who_Dat50416/10/2013
I remember everyone said if the PS4 was $400... (Archived)
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Yep, it's definitely a Wii U and PS4 generation. (Archived)Dragongod16576/10/2013
Worth going to best buy's e3 demo? (Archived)01Philip0146/10/2013
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Im glad I chose the Wii U (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo26/10/2013
The last Free online console! (Archived)kingbadjo76/10/2013
Hopefully Nintendo has a good Nintendo E3 direct tomorrow. (Archived)YamiYugi440046/10/2013