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PS4 outsells Wii U's UK lifetime sales in just 48 hours. (Archived)
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To those who hate the Wii u. (Archived)
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Welp, there's only one thing that can save the WiiU now... (Archived)
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Top 10 Worst Consoles Ever (Archived)
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Sony wishes the best for the Wii U, hopes that Nintendo is always around (Archived)
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Can we just petition Nintendo to bring back teh NSider forums? (Archived)VRX3000212/3/2013
Why do most customers prefer Nintendo's handhelds over their home consoles? (Archived)
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007 Legends worth it at $14? (Shipping and Tax included) (Archived)KinjiMuto_3212/3/2013
Does Nintendo deserve the Wii U failure after betraying their customers? (Archived)
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Nintendo should really make a Toad game based off Mario 3D World (Archived)jaymart_2k212/3/2013
What Nintendo should do at VGX (Archived)
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