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If Nintendo has an amazing E3 like Sony did then Xbone is dead before arrival. (Archived)KingTurt16/10/2013
Can you not use debit cards on the eshop? (Archived)blue_man86/10/2013
It is now officially Wii U VS PS4 (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to bury the xbox one coffin tommorow (Archived)
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Definitely getting a Wii U and PS4 now. (Archived)NeonOctopus16/10/2013
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Anyone else can't sleep because too excited for Nintendo Direct? (Archived)srsgamer8736/10/2013
Assuming Xbone 3rd parties may fade away, will Wii U gain any? (Archived)Soccer_is_Best36/10/2013
If Nintendo went third-party and then got an exclusivity deal with Sony (Archived)
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When's Nintendo's conference? (for Australia) (Archived)656stooge16/10/2013
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Confirmed - Wii U now only console with free online play (Archived)
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It really hard to take the Industry seriously when they keep ignoring the Wii U (Archived)
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I Usually go Sony and Nintendo... (Archived)kingbadjo16/10/2013
nintendo should make a video like this too (Archived)Genericgamer66746/10/2013
Is your body ready? (Archived)
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What game do you want most on Wii U? (Archived)
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Add "free online play" to the list of Nintendo exclusives. (Archived)MasterPoker26/10/2013