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As a Wii U owner I am not satisfied with the battery life (Archived)
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How many lives have you lost in Mario 3D World? (So far) (Archived)
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Anybody tried the Interworks Retro 3-in-1 controller? (Archived)funky1471411/28/2013
The more I think about it, there isn't any reason for there not to be an achieve (Archived)
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Need help! Can I use wii u motion plus without sensor for Mario? (Archived)
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What colour is YOUR gamepad/system? (Poll)RahzarX111/28/2013
If Nintendo can't BLOW THESE OUT for $320, Wii U is in trouble. (Archived)
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if N could only bring one of their franchises to wii u (Archived)FUsquarepants511/28/2013
Here is what i want from the NEXT 3D Mario... (Archived)Jonbazookaboz911/28/2013
Zelda Bundle Vs Best Buy Mario Bundle (Archived)LamiaLues611/28/2013
Prediction: Nintendo will release a gamepad adaptor 1/2 in wiiU lifecycle... (Archived)csalvi42811/28/2013
Pro Commander Wii U Controller (Archived)LoneCourier2281111/28/2013
Xenoblade!!! (Archived)
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I'm beginning to think that Nintendo is becoming a niche company. (Archived)
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So, I just bought the Wii U and about the gamepad (Archived)crocogatorade311/28/2013
Is this the week A Link to The Past is put on Wii U VC? (Poll)knightmere122711/28/2013
Which Nintendo system was the best to be a part of? (Archived)ChrisCanberg811/28/2013
If your First Console was a N64/GC/Wii.. (Archived)
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I have an idea for a Star Fox game (Archived)ADHDguitar211/28/2013
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