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So no Metal Gear Solid V, Tomb Raider or Dark Souls 2 on Wii U why? (Archived)
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High capacity gamepad battery (the official one) is now available for US region! (Archived)
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wii u gamepad battery (Archived)tanooki84312/21/2013
Week of Nintendo Love with Reggie Fils-Aime! (Archived)kdognumba1512/21/2013
What does the Wii U have going for it exactly? (Archived)
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November sales data shows a worrying lack of momentum for the Wii U (Archived)
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We Are Not Allowed To Post, or Trade/Exchange Friend Codes on MiiVerse????? (Archived)boogerwooger_2812/21/2013
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Skylanders or Disney Infinity? (Archived)
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Can you add funds to your NNW wallet with a prepaid card? (Archived)knightimex312/21/2013
I hope we get several new metroid games for wii u, like Mario, and zelda before (Archived)knightimex412/21/2013
Just want a bit of confirmation I'm making the right choice. (Archived)Mr Bump812/21/2013
Nintendo needs to collaborate with Tecmo on Nintendo Extreme Beach Volleyball (Archived)
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Nintendo is almost getting there with WiiU (Archived)
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I wonder if many people will accidentally step on their game pad while golfing? (Archived)Neo Vejiita812/21/2013
mario 3D world one of the best finall boss fights ever for a platformer (Spoiler (Archived)
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Confused on a few things (Archived)Abu_Danza512/21/2013
What's your favorite game for each Nintendo Console? (Archived)
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