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True or False: Nintendo will eventually release a first-party FPS on the Wii U. (Poll)
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How do you rate the Wii U launch compared to PS4 and XBONE (Poll)AstralFrost811/26/2013
What can we expect from Nintendo's Wii U line up next year? (Archived)
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Did the Wii U sell more or less than XBOX ONE/PS4 in its first week? (Archived)Solnot411/26/2013
How large is the Super Mario 3D World download size? (Archived)flame030191411/26/2013
Bonus Round talks about Nintendo (Archived)VanderZoo111/26/2013
Mom tries to return Mario 3D world at GS (Archived)
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Josh from theBitBlock compares Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World (Archived)
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I wish they'd start bundling pro controllers with games. (Archived)ThatKipp911/25/2013
Two Wii U Pro controllers like new for $41? (Archived)SMBfan13111/25/2013
Why do Wii U commercials come on all the time now? (Archived)
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I sent my gamepad for repairs and Nintendo didn't do anything. :/ (Archived)PhilBrooksTNF511/25/2013
what do you think, TV upgrade? (Archived)Teremei711/25/2013
Any chance the Wii U Pro controller will be on sale on Black Friday? (Archived)BitCake911/25/2013
No disrespect to 3D World's graphics, but the next one better look like MK 8 (Archived)
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Just wanted to point out how similar the design of Xbox One is to Wii U's design (Archived)adampeltz611/25/2013
They fix Netflix yet? (Archived)ElenaFisher511/25/2013
Super Mario 3D World will be the best game released this year on any platform. (Archived)
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Yet again - Parents at a WalMart didn't know what the difference were.... (Archived)
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Which should i buy? (Archived)Shinigami115411/25/2013