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Wii U Petition Campaign -- Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign and Kingdom Hearts 3 (Archived)
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I must be nuts (Archived)Smaffl1556/24/2013
Is it me, or does the wiiu have better graphics than the ps4? (Archived)
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Pretty silly of Nintendo not to announce a new Star Fox game yet (Archived)Legendary_Musas96/24/2013
Anyone else skipping the other new consoles for awhile after they launch? (Archived)
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Do I need a Tv to play this system? (Archived)AxelPoe86/24/2013
Will The Multiplats Do Better On The Wii U Than They Do On The PS4 And The XB1? (Poll)
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Which Of This Year's Upcoming Games Are You Getting For Wii U? (Archived)
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Why can't Nintendo just allow Wii mode to be on the Gamepad? (Archived)ZBug_56/24/2013
The way that Nintendo designed the Wii Remote/Sensor Bar was brilliant (Archived)iKhanic66/24/2013
Im buying a Wii U deluxe in a few minutes. Couple questions. (Archived)Azeiryous66/24/2013
Ubisoft on The Division: "We aren't ruling out other platforms" (Archived)kinglink1356/24/2013
That awkward moment when... (Archived)BMK201056/24/2013
No online multiplayer for Super Mario 3D World. (Archived)
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Guess how much super mario galaxy 1 and 2 cost in australia? (Archived)
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Classic spelunker NES let's play. (Archived)Dentenshi26/24/2013
Who has the best exclusives this month? (Poll)
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[POLL] How long have you had your WiiU? And what do you think of it's future? (Poll)Mwulf26/24/2013
Game and Wario makes very good use of the gamepad. (Archived)darkqueenhelba16/24/2013
Do You Want Disney To Release A Spectrobes Game On The Wii U? (Poll)Transdude36/24/2013