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The Wii U will fail due to it's online policy (Archived)mooocooow02106/11/2013
I'm a Sony supporter now, but for w/e reason, I hope wii U announces KH3 tomorow (Archived)
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how can i watch Nintendo's thing tomorrow? (Archived)manmouse66/11/2013
Aisha Tyler was fun... (Archived)
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Nintendo Direct Link? (Archived)Walkiethrougie26/10/2013
i wonder if a video will break down during the direct (Archived)Genericgamer66736/10/2013
kingdom hearts 3...... (Archived)
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I hope they live (Archived)GuhGat26/10/2013
#1 most requested newcomer for SSB4 is... (Archived)
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One thing I really appreciate Nintendo for (Archived)iKhanic76/10/2013
Alright guys, it's time to root for Nintendo (Archived)docman86496/10/2013
where can I watch the nintendo conference/video or whatever they are doing? (Archived)ManuKesna36/10/2013
WiiWare games that ran in 480i only on the Wii (Archived)wingswest2426/10/2013
Is there a chance of Nintendo boosting the RAM in the Wii U? (Archived)
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I really hope that FF 7&8 HD rumor turns out true (Archived)Tigerkumaru36/10/2013
Is Mad Max coming to Wii U? (Archived)SSBCandidates36/10/2013
Ball is in Nintendo's court, I was disappointed by Sony's conference. (Archived)
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What time does the nintendo direct start EASTERN TIME (Archived)WTFNightmare46/10/2013
Where can I watch the livestream? (Archived)Godstriker836/10/2013
Best Buy E3 demo locations might have changed in your state (Archived)
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