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The only advantage to a 3rd party to make wiiU game is lack of competition (Archived)
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Analyst: Nintendo moved a measly 55k Wii Us in April NPD (Archived)
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Tommorrow's Nintendo Direct (Archived)
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With the PS4 being deveoloper friendly, does this mean trouble? (Archived)
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Is There At Least One Series Made By EA That You Like? (Poll)
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would you be dissapointed if retro's secret game project isn't metroid? (Archived)druskie85/16/2013
Kirby sucking his way onto the virtual console next week with three games! (Archived)pikachupwnage85/16/2013
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Do you think Nintendo Wii U is the last home console Nintendo will develop? (Archived)
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I hope the new version of Sonic 1... (Archived)fon198825/16/2013
What if the next Metroid was like Uncharted? (Poll)
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Nintendo: Greedy or just Technologically Inept? (Archived)
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As a Nintendo Fan and moreover a fan of video games I'm sort of bummed (Archived)Slayer211185/16/2013
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