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If you have to select ONE JRPG for Wii U's upcoming 2014 releases....... (Poll)
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You'll still get your grand Mario adventure (Archived)
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Iwata: More unannounced 3rd party games to come (Archived)
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Ubisoft apparently cutting Wii U support (Archived)cnekans96/12/2013
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Characters are more agile in Smash Bros now (yes, another Smash topic) (Archived)
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Which game surprised you most at E3? (Archived)Jonbazookaboz46/12/2013
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I hope The Wonderful 101 sells well (Archived)AmonExE46/12/2013
Is the 8gb Wii U worth $225? (Archived)
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Do you own more than one same gen console? (Poll)
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Best Buy's E3 demos for the Wii U are going on today from 4-9 PM (Archived)ice_phoenix_106/12/2013
Demos from E3 on Eshop would make this Console Sell right now (Archived)
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Nintendo should really get some good video capturing software (Archived)nonexistinghero36/12/2013
Let's guess the metacritic scores for some of the announced games. (Archived)
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Surprisingly enough, X is the game that's getting all of my "fratcore" friends (Archived)EstabIished86/12/2013
Ubisoft will continue to invest in Wii U, believes they can thrive (Archived)StickMen109096/12/2013