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So no significant new game announcements :( (Archived)nonexistinghero52/13/2014
Can we at least get a courtesy flush Nintendo? (Archived)CantBeJD12/13/2014
So where was the new Bayonnetta 2 and X info? (Archived)o___Okami22/13/2014
Only 5 games this year?! with 2 having release dates?! (Archived)ArmorWolf0142/13/2014
GG Nintendo (Archived)darklink101722/13/2014
In the last 7 minutes, On a scale from 1 - AHHHHHHHH!!!!... how HYPED are you?? (Poll)
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They're probably holding out on X... (Archived)Numbuh10012/13/2014
No mention of SMT X FE in the direct? (Archived)7lightsXIII52/13/2014
Vote on the Direct (Poll)
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its like nintendo isnt even trying (Archived)Daveddy7212/13/2014
My god this blows (Archived)
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Why do ppl think if Ninty hasn't announced a game, it means they aren't working (Archived)squatch2292/13/2014
Well that was terrible (Archived)laxnd2312/13/2014
Do you think today's Direct is meant to cover up NPD data? (Archived)
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Can't believe so many fell for the Year of Yoshi thing. (Archived)LUlGI12/13/2014
May 30th for MK8..... (Archived)Numbuh10022/13/2014
Metroid Fusion coming to the Wii U. (Archived)ThePrisoner0622/13/2014
What did I tell you. (Archived)ADHDguitar42/13/2014
does bayonetta come with jpn voices? (Archived)KiraWins42/13/2014
This is so damn sad and painful to watch (Archived)
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