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If Nintendo censors Fire Emblem bikinis what makes you think Bayonetta 2 won't? (Archived)
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C\D: Wii U board will completely flip once it starts doing well. (Poll)
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Since when is advertising the kiss of death? (Archived)
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Is the Wii U VC for EU still 50hz? (Archived)LLL_Deadly35/11/2013
Resident Evil 2 remake or Super Mario Sunshine remake? (Archived)
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Lost my stylus. :( Anybody recommend any specific replacements? (Archived)Smasher12345695/10/2013
Anyone else hyped for splinter cell? (Archived)pikachupwnage95/10/2013
Your reaction if Nintendo brings over the CD-i games for Wii U VC (Archived)
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Gamepad Battery (Archived)miliniumeye25/10/2013
Angry Birds Trilogy vs. Metroid Prime Trilogy (Archived)
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At E3 Nintendo will prove the haters wrong! (Archived)Dstylez295/10/2013
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Bad news part 2 (Archived)
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Just got a 3DS what kind of connectivity is the between it and the U? (Archived)fhsfootball7435/10/2013
People who sit around trashing the Wii U on this board are misinformed (Archived)dcamp2785/10/2013
Question: Do you think Nintendo even cares about third parties? (Archived)
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Grade Your Wii U Collection (Archived)CyxC75/10/2013
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