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Wii U owners - Rate the Wii U (Poll)
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EA changes their mind worse than a teenage girl!!! (Archived)
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People don't seem hyped enough. (Archived)Night_Shade11545/21/2013
I'd love to know Iwata/Miyamoto/Reggie's reaction to the Xbox One (Archived)Gavin_Rozee95/21/2013
Wii U is offically the only next-gen console with full backward compatability (Archived)NinjaGamer_2365/21/2013
But.. how can Wii U be fun without rendering the dirt under the fingernails? (Archived)adampeltz15/21/2013
Nintendo may make Gimmicks. (Archived)Umitencho35/21/2013
This gen is over... (Archived)kingbadjo45/21/2013
After Todays NEWS My WII U is getting a Conglaturatory Bath! (Archived)NeoMonk55/21/2013
Looks like this gen will be the same as last gen. (Archived)
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