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The main reason behind the lack of 3rd party support (Archived)
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Anyone else a bit worried for Zelda Wii U now because of the new Mario? (Archived)
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I just didnt get excited at all with the new Smash Bros., Im moving on (Archived)
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My opinion piece on what Nintendo SHOULD have done years ago (please read) (Archived)XXShadowLinkXX66/12/2013
now we've seen the heavy hitter realism graphic games from nin (Archived)thefabregas2276/12/2013
After seeing Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm feeling a bit better about the Wii U's power (Archived)
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Nintendo is playing it too safe... (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 60FPS off-screen gameplay. (Archived)KingTurt76/12/2013
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Will they put "only on" back on the packaging? (Archived)HungoverHero77766/12/2013
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Help me out: Which console should I get this holiday season? Be honest. (Poll)
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Where can I watch the Nintendo Power Hour? (Archived)promo12366/12/2013
So who is going to best buy tomorrow to demo the games? (Archived)
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