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Are the NES VC games darker than the originals? (Archived)HeikeKagero41/14/2014
First Monolith, Now Retro?! (Archived)
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Just dropping a reminder that you should be hyped for A Hat In Time. (Archived)pikachupwnage61/14/2014
System update when first get system? Stuck and can't set up WiiU (Archived)NessEggman71/14/2014
i just ordered my gamepad charger (ac adapter) (Archived)ghostofspartap91/14/2014
If Nintendo brought EA and Activision... (Archived)
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Wii Mode question (Archived)ssj5goku200551/14/2014
Since a lot of Nintendo console games went on handheld... (Archived)CubeTV61/13/2014
What makes a game "Best in the series?" (Archived)
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Will this be the gen were AAA gaming falls apart? (Archived)
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GamePad is a Controller not a Peripheral. (Archived)
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Am I the only one, or does anyone else feel lonely when playing Super Mario 64? (Archived)
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Do you guys usually use "power saving mode" on your gamepads? (Archived)
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Just played my first Wii game ever via Wii U (Archived)
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The Wind Waker HD (Archived)DaTwistedGuns51/13/2014
thinking about getting a wii u (Archived)SILENTGHOSTS9681/13/2014
To compete with lack of 3rd party games, not only will nintendo need to... (Archived)kingbadjo101/13/2014
sega why no love (Archived)ADHDguitar81/13/2014
Zombies ate my neighbors (Archived)mlahodik71/13/2014
Wii U to Wii U transfer (Archived)unknown0751/13/2014
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