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does bayonetta come with jpn voices? (Archived)KiraWins42/13/2014
This is so damn sad and painful to watch (Archived)
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Which newly announced Wii U exclusive are you looking most forward to? (Archived)o___Okami32/13/2014
25 minutes in, 1 Wii U game (Archived)
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If Nintendo doesn't turn it around in 10 mins, I'm done. (Archived)Heartless1892/13/2014
Koopalings in MK8 Trailer! (Archived)duderdude312/13/2014
More info on Bayonetta 2 (Archived)HermeticJustice22/13/2014
Huge Succeeded. (Archived)kaiser ryu12/13/2014
Nintendo has tons of stuff to talk about in a Direct (Archived)
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New info on X (Archived)HermeticJustice62/13/2014
Sakurai retweeted the Nintendo Direct! (Archived)
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if there is anything about donkey kong tropical freeze im gonna throw up (Archived)Daveddy7282/13/2014
We're not getting a Direct this month, are we? (Archived)
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Little Mac Confirmed (Archived)
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Name one thing you would like to see for the Direct tomorrow (Archived)
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What's this football game? (Archived)mcsmellington52/13/2014
Build a Direct! (Archived)SalsaSavant82/13/2014
Buffering buffering buffering buffering STOP BUFFERING (Archived)
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Is there a chance these devs are just retweeting out of support for Nintendo? (Archived)
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17 min left, get to the Wii U already (Archived)jaymart_2k22/13/2014
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