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whats your response when your told the nintendo is for kids?
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golden853542018/26 7:12PM
Does Sandisk Cruzer Fit sit perfectly in the usb?zergslayer6918/26 7:10PM
so with the awsoem new DLC comign to MK8 will future MK games be smash kartAceMos68/26 7:08PM
I wonder if Nintendo will add Pokemon to Mario Kart 8 eventually
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That_Damn_Kid138/26 7:05PM
neku could of been in ssb4 if square enix was smart
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hydrocrush138/26 7:00PM
Oh my god...
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PrincessTsuki538/26 6:58PM
I think WiiU will get more third party support by next year
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andizzle29662358/26 6:57PM
I wonder how they're even gonna make Pokken Fighters really work.PS4Warrior108/26 6:52PM
Will the Wii U have more or fewer retail titles than the N64? (Poll)
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iKhanic248/26 6:46PM
What's nintendo's next console going to be like?SignalMyMiseryy108/26 6:40PM
Do you think Nintendo will count Mario Maker as their yearly Mario release?o___Okami98/26 6:39PM
So when do we get Mercedes Benz Mario as free dlc?Zellio201468/26 6:16PM
YR: Nintendo releases a Wii U without the Game Pad and it's 50 dollars cheaper.
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ThunderSeal528/26 6:13PM
what is coming in the MK 8 DLC?
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AceMos168/26 5:57PM
So when is the leak happening that confirms what DLC characters are in HW?Sakurafanboy68/26 5:45PM
Nintendo should have trusted the Pokemon fighting game to Capcom instead
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Sony_7158/26 5:38PM
I'm hoping the F-Zero track in Mario Kart is hinting towards a new F-Zerotoidiedud88/26 5:38PM
I log on to my Nintendo news sites and see Link and Isabelle in Mario Kart.Hejiru108/26 5:34PM
Anyone else expecting a Direct next month?toidiedud38/26 5:29PM
New Pokemon Announcement Tues, Mario Kart 8 DLC Wed. Should be a fun week
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Michaeloll238/26 5:27PM