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Your thoughts on a Wii U 3D Yoshi platformer and others (Archived)
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Lets make Hyrule Warriors rosters (Archived)SalsaSavant21/4/2014
Did they ever fix the Wii's run+jump holding button combo on mario VC games? (Archived)EbonMagician41/4/2014
Hypothetical scenario... (Archived)Dersu_Uzala21/4/2014
Nintendo VS Sony (Memory vs Processing Power) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
They need another Four Swords game. (Archived)SolidKnight51/4/2014
eshop discounts (Archived)YamatoShogun11/4/2014
I have all 3 systems, my impressions (Archived)Merc12361/4/2014
im wondering if the WiiU is actually the all in one entertainment system (Archived)
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So... january's release is Wii Fit U? (Archived)New Link71/4/2014
My fiance is irritated with me.... (Archived)
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WiiU to get unnanounced 3RD party exlusive (Archived)
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Any NEW Disney Infinity Characters coming out? (Archived)Riggs5521/4/2014
That new eShop music... (Archived)Banjo255351/4/2014
Wii U needs Red Steel 3. (Archived)
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can you uninstall hulu, youtube, etc? (Archived)
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Just picked this up for next to nothing...any good? (Archived)shaunme51/4/2014
Should I send nintendo this idea for improving the 2 players at once mechanic (Archived)gbagcn21/4/2014
favorite puzzles in gaming? (Archived)manmouse41/4/2014
WiiU 2015 worry + roster speculation (Archived)
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