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Why NoA should be fired (and bunch of other thoughts from a 20 yr old) (Archived)
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Transferring VC games from Wii SD Card to Wii U? Also Smash Bros. save? (Archived)Swan3624510/31/2013
Is it possible to download a 3DS game on the Wii U then transfer it to 3DS? (Archived)awesomephatman910/31/2013
what, you say ps4 is better than Nintendo? thats Gamesist. (Archived)SkynetAppleMac410/31/2013
Is the Wii doing better? It was so cool seeing Miiverse last night and today. (Archived)Swan3624410/31/2013
You know a halloween sale on Castlevania 4 would've been nice. (Archived)Zellio2014510/31/2013
Honestly, has anyone seen ANY televised advertising for this console lately? (Archived)
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Ive seen more Xbox One and PS4 commercials/advertisements than what the Wii U... (Archived)
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Do you have brand loyalty? (Archived)
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Is it true tablets are more powerful than the Wii U? (Archived)
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Do 3rd party developers even post on miiverse? (Archived)YoyokuKO410/31/2013
I have a feeling we won't be getting much Mario in the next couple years (Archived)
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Anyone know file size of Lego Marvel Superheroes? (not on FAQLIST yet) (Archived)linkboy447110/31/2013
Iwata Is Unhappy With Q2 2014 Results, But Claims Major Overhaul Isn't Necessary (Archived)
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Is there a pictionary type wii u game? (Archived)linkboy447310/31/2013
Wii U being outsold by original Wii (Archived)
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Why do people bash the wii u so much? (Archived)
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So, Mario's main adventure series is now co-op... (Archived)DoctorRice410/31/2013
Ghosts 'N Goblins Kickstarter has started up (Archived)Transdude810/31/2013
Why do people complain about Nintendo rarely having online multiplayer games... (Archived)
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