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So where is our big juicy reward for getting the WiiU before the price drop? (Archived)
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When can we preorder the Zelda Bundle? (Archived)y00001250098/29/2013
I'm Finally getting a Wii U. (Archived)
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I told you all they would drop the price (Archived)G124358/28/2013
Rayman is ok but i hate the level select method. (Archived)
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Better not to buy a Wii U yet as there will be another price drop (Archived)
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Youre doing it to yourselves nintendo. Please Read. Hey Reggie. Pass this along (Archived)
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Retail Game Won't Load (Archived)ShinChuck38/28/2013
What if: WiiU exclusives for the next year. (Archived)kingbadjo108/28/2013
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Favorite Version of Super Mario Bros Theme (Archived)redFOX38188/28/2013
Can anyone tell me if Wiimote+nunchuck works okay with The Last Story? (Archived)enigma227418/28/2013
Is Netflix just dead on this console now? (Archived)
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So I saw the WWHD Bundle... (Archived)
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Pro Controller (Archived)Inferno70018/28/2013
Nintendo should have lowered the price to $200 to reflect hardware power. (Archived)
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What was Nintendo thinking???? (Archived)
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W101 sales aren't as bad as they seem (Archived)
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Wait a minute! What's going to happen to the basic version Wii U? (Archived)Tadamoto298/28/2013
W101 sold 6000 at retail... (Archived)
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