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Anyone else get an F-Zero vibe from the new Mario Kart? (Archived)srsgamer8766/11/2013
I missed the Direct, what 3rd party games were announced for the Wii U (Archived)Who_Dat50426/11/2013
I'm so mad at myself for not being able to be happy for more Donkey Kong... (Archived)DrOrpheus4226/11/2013
I hope we can play as Dixie Kong is single player. (Archived)gnerdus36/11/2013
Nintendo wins. I'm not even kidding. (Archived)
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DKC2 from retro confirmed. (Archived)Figure0936/11/2013
Got to hand it to Nintendo... (Archived)lowell66616/11/2013
No GTA5 Wii-U or MGSV Wii U -_- (Archived)NoGta4wii96/11/2013
Did anyone else enjoy the Pikmin Trolololo Nintendo did? (Archived)NCPwn16/11/2013
Wish the Killer Instinct IP was Nintendo's.... (Archived)
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So I guess the Mario Kart series will never have unique names again (Archived)RemixDeluxe86/11/2013
Think PETA will have another try against Mario Again? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link36/11/2013
I think I'll be waiting another 3 years for Real Mario 3DU (Archived)Melkac66/11/2013
When are the other Nintendo Directs happening? (Archived)AKC1226/11/2013
Just look at this troll face! (Archived)CHAINMAILLEKID16/11/2013
I think Nintendo not impressing at E3 gave the Xbox One a chance now (Archived)ChevelIe26/11/2013
This is why you have a proper E3 conference. (Archived)greatone101106/11/2013
Post Smash Bros hype, my impressions (Archived)SettaWorldTeeth16/11/2013
I was hoping for a new zelda with twiilightt princess graphics style (Archived)ManuKesna26/11/2013
So, Cat Mario in the new Mario game.... (Archived)HungoverHero77716/11/2013