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Relax, guys! (Archived)Project Mayhem61/17/2014
New Wii U SKU Nay or Yay (Poll)QlJGamer21/17/2014
The amount of damage control coming from this board is insane (Archived)
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Do Wii lan adapters work on the Wii U? (Archived)ArkThompson31/17/2014
Please Nintendo make a new nes prowrestling game with the wwe no mercy engine (Archived)inkfix31/17/2014
You know as much as I hate to be a graphixhoe (Archived)
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How would you like a new Star Fox game to work? (Archived)
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I just got a Pro Controller and I was wondering......... (Archived)cloud_8f8f31/17/2014
How many of you Import games? (Archived)
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why don't they make versions of SNES Mario Kart and N64 F-ZERO X but with ... (Archived)reptileegg21/17/2014
best thing for nintendo to do is to find a partner (Archived)zender199961/17/2014
Where can you find the transcript of Iwata's Meeting (Archived)QlJGamer51/17/2014
So things will magically get better when iwatas fired? (Archived)
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Oh my god, a positive IGN article! (Archived)
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Regular Wii Pro Classic Controller question (Archived)Va1on71/17/2014
If you were running Nintendo, would you seriously want to buy Capcom? (Archived)
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why don't Nintendo make an ultra poweful console with normal controller? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
WII U to see a surge in 9 months time (Archived)jump__021/17/2014
to all those that want nintendo to leave the console market (Archived)
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Nintendo rant (Wii U owner) (Archived)
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