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I see LOTS and LOTS of anger today... (Archived)
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Who would win in a fight: Reggie Or Shibata (Archived)wingo8434/17/2013
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During the Nintendo Direct, that guy talking about New Leaf said he visited... (Archived)Kisai24/17/2013
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The best part of Nintendo Directs? No "epic" trailers or "journalist" input (Archived)
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The Wii U's not doing so well in the UK (Archived)Sephy99964/17/2013
When people think that a rom of an 18 y/o game is gonna boost Wii U sales... (Archived)
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setting up the wii cogeco? (Archived)CloudHiro14/17/2013
Do you think Iwata might step down/be fired? (Archived)
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which day is nintendo's e3 conference? (Archived)MuscleMarch74/17/2013
So the odds of us getting Mother 3 surely just increased, right? (Archived)
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IGN Nintendo continues to fail (Archived)Lemmywinks1384/17/2013
Confused about WiiU Nintendo Direct (Archived)Castleman2104/17/2013
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Bought Metroid Prime Trilogy (Archived)
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as someone who is neither a fanboy or a troll... (Archived)kingbadjo14/17/2013
can i use two wii u gamepads to play two player? (Archived)Trunks 200324/17/2013
Mario's signature move is jumping (Archived)CrumpledPaper54/17/2013