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Sure, now you all hate Nintendo... (Archived)
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How much fun are you having with your wii U? (Poll)
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All this talk of Cranky Kong actually makes me want to buy the new DKC game. (Archived)sejan12812/8/2013
What compilation should Nintendo release on the Wii U? (Archived)FinalFantasyForever812/8/2013
What is a "Gamer", and why are we called that? (Archived)Transdude912/8/2013
That 3ds miiverse update and network id thing is 2moro apparently (Archived)Jonbazookaboz412/8/2013
Used promo code to download Link to the Past and it's not working.. (Archived)hitman911us512/8/2013
Its because DK TF is Nintendo first real big game of 2014 they are pushing it. (Archived)ArmorWolf01912/8/2013
What would have been your announcement? (Archived)ninjaa1512/8/2013
worth it to buy now? (Archived)
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Did people really expect a new game announcement at VGX? (Archived)Bongbuddy312/8/2013
BEST game on Next gen consoles is.... (Archived)
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Annoyed Gamer video again (Archived)Spookyryu112/8/2013
It's all Sakurai's fault that everything at the VGX turned out so horribly (Archived)CrystalKing5426712/8/2013
Fit Plus question.. (Archived)Nok817412/8/2013
There's a white light when the system is off... (Archived)Dark-Kakashi412/8/2013
I used to think the whole anti-Nintendo media "conspiracy" was a drone fantasy (Archived)
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I was working during the VGX yesterday, what Nintendo news was announced? (Archived)
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So Cranky Kong? (Archived)Dannyson97412/8/2013
Who is this dudebro dbag on the left in VGX? (Archived)
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