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The Wii U isn't about specs or even games. It's about FUN. (Archived)
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Reggie Fils Aime: The gamers of this generation are too greedy and self entitled (Archived)
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Lego City Undercover will save the system! (Archived)
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Does the Wii U upscale Wii games like the old PS3 models did for PS2 games? (Archived)LtMessiahDM50462/7/2013
Major Nelson would like to remind you that (Archived)silverbullt32/7/2013
I'm not even pissed off that's Legends isn't exclusive, more about the delay (Archived)Marcster199492/7/2013
this is really sad. 2 games go multi-platoform and all hell breaks loose ... (Archived)
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Do you think Rayman lost its exclusivity because of the poor system sales? (Archived)
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