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Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay is on now at the Treehouse. Looks great
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Hyrule Warriors up nextTha_Joka26/10/2014
I'm currently watching the TreeHouse X Demo.lilburrito36/10/2014
"Give us MOTHER 3!"georgethecow436/10/2014
No Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei @E3?jaymart_2k46/10/2014
Is there any video of Star Fox?CapwnD36/10/2014
MUCH better than Last E3Ccrules279116/10/2014
For you all waiting to buy a WiiU bundled w/Super Smash Bros....ShinCougar16/10/2014
I'm confused...boundedcrib26/10/2014
So X is like an advanced version of FF?
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These are the top priority games in my Nintendo backlog.3khc16/10/2014
Too bad we didn't get a name for Zelda WiiUDark_guyver16/10/2014
so are all the trolls that talked crap about Skyrim going to buy Zelda?
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And the award for the best E3 intro of all time goes to...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Time to sell my PS3 Bayonetta.....
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Does X have online? Did they mention it?PotatosPls56/10/2014
I am torn on what game to get with the free mariokart codeBignutzisBack16/10/2014
According the the demo, Chronicles X's graphics do look better than the trailerTransdude76/10/2014
Miyamoto is basically a guaranteed cringe-fest these days. :(
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Xenoblade Chronicles X takes place in our own future (minor spoilers from demo)manmouse26/10/2014
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