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"Wii-U faces bleak future says Analyst" (Archived)
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Is there a franchise you're waiting on before you buy a Wii U? (Archived)GradyHoover76/4/2013
With E3 almost a week away, what are your predictions? (Archived)
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PES community manager says Wii U isn't appealing. (Archived)
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Ideas for new Star Fox - specifically online multiplayer (Archived)jeffmusta106/4/2013
Have sales gotten better yet? (Archived)
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How were Kid Icarus sales on the 3DS... enough for a Wii U Sequel? (Archived)Ccrules279166/4/2013
I find it funny that Xenoblade sold so well in North America compared to Japan (Archived)
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Deus Ex: The Fall (Archived)
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Injustice is 10 bucks on Gamestop online right now (Archived)
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Planning on getting a wii u (Archived)RedXIIIRed1376/4/2013
Nintendo finally able to make its big E3 stand! (Archived)Ccrules279146/4/2013
Will there be an online pokemon game for the Wii U??? (Archived)
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Nintendo's patent of the cross design D-pad (Archived)
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Next week just may be the most exciting week of summer 2013! (Archived)liveman78926/4/2013
So I need 100 coins to reach Platinum for Club Nintendo. Which games have coins? (Archived)ColbyRasmus106/4/2013
How could Nintendo improve its online? (Archived)VGAddict9086/4/2013
Anyone have spare Club Nintendo points? (Archived)MasterSword54636/4/2013
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