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Rayman Legends Petition (Archived)
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If you're that worried about the Wii U why don't you do something about it? (Archived)darkqueenhelba72/8/2013
Totally thought of an awesome idea for a game. (Archived)Oni_Taedo72/8/2013
Could I get the new bundle but change... (Archived)twa55612/8/2013
Folks! Lets calm down and realize the upside. (Archived)
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Why are people surpised Rayman Legends went multiplat? (Archived)
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I'm starting to see why MS and Sony love timed exclisives (Rayman as an example) (Archived)sejan1212/8/2013
inevitable ambassador 2.0? (Archived)DrSnakes52/8/2013
Really Ubisoft? You hate us that much? (Archived)
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Any suggestions? (Archived)GP31352/8/2013
Wow guys, just... wow. (Archived)
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And the bad news just keep on coming... (Archived)
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How would you like to see the Gamepad used? (Poll) (Poll)FF_Fiend102/8/2013
why is Rayman Legends delayed so long? (Archived)dennis94101272/8/2013
What if Nintendo released... (Archived)DaLastBoss32/8/2013
People on Miiverse "Wishing cancer upon Ubisoft" no joke. (Archived)
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WiiCast (Archived)pearl arowana12/8/2013
What was/is your favorite Wii game. (Archived)
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Everyday I try to justify the Wii U and Nintendo but they just make me so mad. (Archived)
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So what was that "interesting" news? (Archived)darkqueenhelba72/8/2013