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Wii U VS PS4, which is better? (Poll)
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Sonic Team's Iizuka Recognises Sonic Lost World,Mario Galaxy Comparisons (Archived)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N96/13/2013
It's no wonder E3 is becoming an after thought.... (Archived)
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Glad that Nintendo is not a Facebook box like the PS4 (Archived)
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So no cut dungeons will be returning to Windwaker HD (Archived)
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Most impressive/innovative use of gamepad this E3? (Archived)FenderMaster66/13/2013
Nintendo, this is what you should do... (Archived)lowell66656/13/2013
Futureshop pre-order deal (Archived)WideAwake16/13/2013
Super Luigi U comes out next week! (Archived)Ccrules279186/13/2013
Super Mario Galaxy 2? REALLY!? (Archived)
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Wii U's lack of DVD and other non-vidya features has got me thinking (Archived)
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Some Donkey Kong freeze gameplay (Archived)blankempathy56/13/2013
I wouldn't call Nintendo games a rehash... more like a present (Archived)rafiiilla56/13/2013
Will Nintendo free up more RAM for devs on Wii U?1.5GB or 1.7GB? 1.9GB?! :O (Archived)
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Nintendo considering building a factory in Brazil (Archived)Larsa_Britdor46/13/2013
All I need now are release dates... (Archived)Jiryn86/13/2013
When does E3 end? (Archived)
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It's really lame the media completely ignored Sonic Lost World (Archived)
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...... The title for Super Smash Bros.... (Archived)
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It's official; Retro is only working on DK (Archived)Archsaze106/13/2013