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Iwata never said the Wii U was a failure (Archived)MushroomMuncher61/17/2014
Wait a damn minute... (Archived)ADHDguitar81/17/2014
Do you want iwata or someone else to turn the wii u around? (Archived)FUsquarepants71/17/2014
Nintendo could make a loss of the projected proportions for 20 or 30 years witho (Archived)RahzarX41/17/2014
The Wii U is officially a disaster: Nintendo slashes sales forecast by 70% (Archived)
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You know people dont appreciate donkey kong enough. (Archived)EasterEggHunter81/17/2014
Wii U to have the best games confirmed. (Archived)DroneHunter101/17/2014
To all those saying Nintendo is doomed. (Archived)
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Irony (Archived)WiiStationOne21/17/2014
I need your help (Archived)WiiStationOne11/17/2014
Do you like the new Donkey Kong series? (Archived)
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How can you expect Wii U to turn things around like PS3 did? (Archived)sjc127951/17/2014
Yeah its underpowered, but so what? (Archived)
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5 Reasons the Wii U is Failing article. (Archived)sjc127941/17/2014
Just Bought a WII U! (Archived)
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Club Nintendo points (Archived)dolabla41/17/2014
What options does Nintendo have to become profitable again? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ryu X161/17/2014
Wii U would struggle less if theyd just release a Yoshi game (Archived)Retroxgamer011/17/2014
So Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, X and Hyrule Warriors look good.. (Archived)
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It's sort of funny knowing what a mess Nintendo's gotten themselves into. (Archived)JiZamez61/17/2014
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