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What are the best Nintendo games for an 8 year old girl who's never game'd? (Archived)
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whats more important to you: good games or cash money in someone elses account? (Archived)
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I would LOVE if Nintendo's new hardware is... (Archived)Pokerkid77731/17/2014
What could Nintendo do to really bring theirselves around? (Archived)Empress_Sanaki61/17/2014
Lets say something positive about the wiiu. (Archived)Gage5941/17/2014
The difference between thee Wii U and early 3DS failure. (Archived)DerekRoss71/17/2014
Nintendo's problem the casuals moved on to phones / tablets (Archived)Paulf00191/17/2014
Games that should be made to help Nintendo (Archived)lsabelle61/17/2014
Starting to understand why...*spoiler* MH3U (Archived)
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YouTube Troubles (Archived)jamefaqs101/17/2014
Welp. I suppose we should be expecting that "January" Direct sometime soon. (Archived)DoctorRice101/17/2014
Nintendo is never appreciated until after the fact (Archived)XboxFanPS251/17/2014
I guess Nintendo's problem is that they are marketing to old school gamers. (Archived)
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Wii Fit U user questions (Archived)Jx101041/17/2014
Ocarina of time Vs.Skyward Sword (Poll)
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Iwata should stay. (Archived)coolguy_2391/17/2014
I think it pretty clear who will inherit iwatas throne. (Archived)EasterEggHunter21/17/2014
Question (Archived)Project Mayhem31/17/2014
This year is ttyd's 10th anniversary (Archived)john_the_III11/17/2014
Yamauchi or Iwata (Archived)
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