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After a year of buyer's remorse, SM3DW has finally made me glad I bought a Wii U (Archived)
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HD is only as good as your eye sight.... (Archived)
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Do you guys feel like the Wii -U is a good console for online eperiences? (Archived)mario_pot911/23/2013
Little things about the Wii U that you find strangely irksome... (Archived)GEKGanon1011/23/2013
Favorite Nintendo Wii U game music (Nintendo) (Archived)chillv711/23/2013
Wii Emulation? (Archived)
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There were more people at my Gamestop picking up the New Mario and LoZ game than (Archived)
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Let the collapse begin (Archived)ElGado611/23/2013
"Sony sold 1 million PS4 units on launch". (Archived)
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So wait, is it true digital downloads are tied to the console? (Archived)ajko000311/23/2013
Good thing nintendo didn't include Online in 3D world. (Archived)
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Will you have a secondary next-gen console to go with your Wii U? (Poll)
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Full Throttle3511/23/2013
So I'm about 5 worlds into SM3DW (Archived)adampeltz611/23/2013
Got a ps4 at launch (Archived)kloud 11111/23/2013
Can I access Wii mode without the sensor bar? (Archived)BigDRemaster811/23/2013
Wii and Wii-U both hooked up, problems with wii-motes etc (Archived)PsychoGearSolid611/23/2013
What do you think about the amount of content in 3D world? (Archived)Chudsworth611/23/2013
If i buy a zelda wii u bundle.... (Archived)kyomagi411/23/2013
Face it, Nintendo just likes do business on legendary difficulty. (Archived)
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How are the controls on the Wii version of Twilight Princess? (Archived)
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