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I may be the only one, multiplayer related. (Archived)
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Operation Heartfall? (Archived)2superlink2106/15/2013
I think Reggie should hack into the Kinect during MS' conference next year!! (Archived)Dr_Kain26/15/2013
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When do you think the other Sonic characters will get spotlight again? (Archived)Cheyguy121126/15/2013
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was DKC TF the best choice? (Archived)
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nintendo completely dropped the ball. (Archived)
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Nintendo really dropped the ball with the whole Best Buy demo thing... (Archived)
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Sony and Microsoft show up at your Wii U Best Buy event.... (Poll)Numbuh10086/15/2013
Do many games support the Pro controller (Archived)Paulf00146/15/2013
C/D: Wii U won't be good till Mario Kart and Smash Bros. come out. (Poll)Second_Hokage96/15/2013
Nintendo won't make another f-zero or starfox. (Archived)
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Check out what I got at the Nintendo Experience at Best Buy! (Archived)Bubbabricks56/15/2013
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I think it's safe to say that Nintendo/Wii U is now complimentary to Sony/MS (Archived)
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