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So the summer Update is now in October (Archived)
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Petit Computer for the Wii U? (Poll)Transdude57/11/2013
All I wanna do is play MH3U OFFLINE!!!!!!! (Archived)
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Who should replace iwata? (Archived)
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china will give nintendo a even bigger win (Archived)
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How many hours of Wii U will you play today? (Poll)
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Pikmin 3 has arrived in all of it's glory to save the Wii U (Archived)
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I think I found an Elite Club Nintendo award (No joke, link and screen inside) (Archived)Companion_Cube_87/11/2013
Nintendo is not physically capable of attracting 3rd Party Devs (Archived)SadLink27/11/2013
Sony and Microsoft are not physically capable of maintaining an *snip* (Archived)SadLink57/11/2013
I never owned a wii, and am enjoying the U! (Archived)Voelger77/11/2013
Wii U failing would be the best thing to happen to Nintendo (Archived)ExtremelyFatGuy87/11/2013
Wii U games you own (Archived)
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I love video games but I want them to stop being made (Archived)Vidgmchtr17/11/2013
the console with the largest instalbase and games library wins the gen. FACT!!! (Archived)
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Since we have been discussing Sega a lot lately on this forum... (Archived)
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Has there been any Nintendo Direct since E3? (Archived)RemixDeluxe97/11/2013
Gamefaqs hates Nintendo and loves Sony (Archived)PSOLavis87/11/2013
Small Wii U update Live (Archived)
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Since Iwata came in, Nintendo has made 4 consoles with unique "gimmicks" (Archived)
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