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Does anyone else have this where they live? (Archived)megamachopop912/25/2013
Game & Wario is underrated (Archived)oq7ster912/25/2013
These online services being down are really starting to get to me (Archived)
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Well that's a kick in the knee...(error related) (Archived)
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the power light indicator on all consoles ... have you noticed... (Archived)
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Accidentally purchased a Wii Pro Controller (Archived)
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Seriously... (Archived)
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the movie where the pikmin take your data from the wii, to the wii u? awesome. (Archived)pigfish99412/25/2013
How often does Bowser kidnap Peach? (Archived)
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You can update your console from some game discs (Archived)oq7ster1012/25/2013
I hope the Virtual Console gets Yoshi's Island! (Archived)Frozenx07512/25/2013
Controller Hunt (Archived)
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Best games for Wii U? (Archived)OvieCanucksFan312/25/2013
Mario Kart 8 analysis by GameXplain (Archived)red_bachetta512/25/2013
Can the Wii U buy and play Wii virtual console games. (Archived)TheMove2612/25/2013
Omg error with 1 minute left (Archived)CannondaleBob712/25/2013
Network error, but can connect to the internet just fine? (Archived)tarzanmx312/25/2013
What would you want in a sequel to NES Remix? (Poll)MechaKoopa5000812/25/2013
Wii VC games on gamepad screen? (Archived)HellJumper_SK1012/25/2013
Today when i turned on the gamepad, the screen shows 165-3000 error (Archived)
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