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the new trashbox is so horrible EA is moving games to the wii U (Archived)
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Buying a screen protector. (Archived)boxdude12355/21/2013
My Brother's Opinion (Archived)
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.... More like Xbox Won! (Archived)
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Except a surge of Wii U sales starting tomorrow (Archived)
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So is Nintendo going to be doing an E3 conference or anything related? (Archived)savagewolf122175/21/2013
What's going to happen. Nintendo is going to go full blast this holiday season (Archived)
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So, is Nintendo still doom or can it pass the torch to MS? (Archived)the_importer45/21/2013
I think EA will crawl back to the Wii U / Nintendo once the XBox 1 bombs (Archived)
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Considering the Fail that was the Xbox One Conference. (Archived)Umitencho45/21/2013
Ps4 and used games? Seriously? (Archived)mlahodik55/21/2013
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