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What was the biggest mistake for the Wii U's average sales? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1411/18/2013
What is the lowest priced bundle in the US? (Archived)ThePrisoner06211/18/2013
Would Wii U have achieved PS4's sales success if it did the following? (Archived)Izec1011/18/2013
System Transfer Questions (Archived)BaaPuff211/18/2013
Happy Holi-Games commercials (Archived)Transdude411/18/2013
Best Buy Clearancing (some) Accessories (Archived)ShinChuck111/18/2013
Weren't Tesco supposed to be working with Nintendo? (Archived)AdamLazaruso711/18/2013
Why would Nintendo be kiddy? (Archived)TheMisterManGuy811/18/2013
They need to rename the SSB games.. (Archived)
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Name your Top 10 Videogame series (Archived)
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Marketing to kids is Nintendo's greatest idea yet (Archived)
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Wii U remote functions and Nintendo TVii questions and concerns. (Archived)kdognumba1111/18/2013
I am finally starting to get back into WW, it's amazing! Can Mario be as good! (Archived)Voelger811/18/2013
How much would a pokemon RPG help Nintendo? (Archived)
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Would you pay $2.99 up charge to be able to play a Wii Game mapped to gamepad? (Archived)nextjenjen711/18/2013
For anyone who didnt get to see the leaked SM3DW review from IGN (Archived)gameG3ni3811/18/2013
Transfer question (Archived)jojothecoltsfan211/18/2013
Pandora's Tower is only $20 at Gamestop. (Poll)3khc1011/18/2013
Typertron's big idea: (Archived)Typertron511/18/2013
Honestly, major third parties have simply ran out of excuses!!! (Archived)
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