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People still think that Wii U is an accessory. (Archived)
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I don't think the Direct was all that bad, honestly. (Archived)
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The knew Mario game looks awsome! (Archived)MonarchPoopos66/12/2013
Does anyone feel like Nintendo played it too safe with this E3 (Archived)
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Sony has won the battle... (Archived)WarioForever96/12/2013
EDGE: E3 2013 Nintendo Direct Review. (Archived)
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As a wiiU hater these games look great but.... (Archived)nativeboi8596/12/2013
Can you play Brawl with a Wii U gamepad? (Archived)Dux_X76/12/2013
what do you think about some of the big games getting a 3ds version? (Archived)OtakuGamera36/12/2013
Good Line up but (Archived)raddys200116/12/2013
Dont forget gamescom in aug and TGS in sep... (Archived)
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They should have locked Sora as a SSB character (Archived)Freakzilla546/12/2013
un anounced 4th kong in DKCTF (Archived)
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More Directs? (Archived)nikling26/12/2013
Wii U sales will be huge in 2013-2014 and nobody can deny that + List of games. (Archived)KingTurt96/12/2013
Relax everyone Kingdom Hearts won't be out for years... (Archived)HayashiTakara66/12/2013
Disappointed that there's not a Wii U Kid Icarus. (Archived)BadDecisions96/12/2013
Dragon Quest X? (Archived)Rue86/12/2013
Maybe retros working on 2 games...... (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X76/12/2013