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The Wii U should've been called the Gamecube One (Archived)
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I think the greatest irony is that despite Microsoft's huge focus on TV content (Archived)Terotrous55/21/2013
Did Nintendo take a gamble of the Rule of Diminishing Returns? (Archived)HeroC11495/21/2013
Why won't my WII U spy on me like XBOX One?.. (Archived)
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15GB to download Resident Evil !! What the !! (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust175/21/2013
This time would be perfect for another ND. (Archived)HungoverHero77755/21/2013
"Not coming to Wii U? That game sucks then" - Nintendo fanboy (Archived)
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What I'd like to see with the WiiU now that all consoles have been revealed. (Archived)Mikuraga35/21/2013
this is a valid point (Archived)gumbyxcore9915/21/2013
I think the WiiU may be all I need this gen actually :/ (Archived)
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Wii U pro controller is excellent, and can be used on Android/Ios/PC/Mac (Archived)
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So every time a third party decides to bash nintendo or.... (Archived)
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How do you think the next Xbox reveal will affect the Wii U? (Poll)
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Is anyone else realizing (Archived)pikachu6598105/21/2013
EA Enginee Saysr: "Wii U is Crap...Less Powerful than the Xbox 360" (Archived)
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So much for the wiiu being as powerfull as the nextbox (Archived)
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Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS versions. (Archived)HeroC11465/21/2013
Which console will do the best this gen? (Poll)KingJaggi15/21/2013
So. Specs. Ms vs nintendo (Archived)ninsony1295/21/2013
Things we now need to look out for (Archived)legendarylemur55/21/2013