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Ubisoft president: "We won't release any more exclusives on Wii U" (Archived)
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Mecha Sonic156/12/2013
I gotta agree when this comment was said... when I am at the club with my homies (Archived)nativeboi8566/12/2013
Even if Kingdom Hearts doesnt come to WiiU, TWEWY's Sequel will!!! (Archived)
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Any word on Earthbound? (Archived)cucumberking26/12/2013
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"You'll love the reason why." Activision havent been talking about Ghosts WiiU (Archived)
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Question for those who say Nintendo didn't show anything original... (Archived)
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The people who have no right to complain about Super Mario 3D World (Archived)
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Let Retro make DKR2. I would like Treasure to make a new Metroid (Archived)SegavsCapcom36/12/2013
Who else wishes they didn't announce Mega Man in the SSB4 trailer? (Archived)Theon_Greyjoy46/12/2013
Nintendo stole our money and took advantage of us... PS4 is $50 more (Archived)
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Adapter to make GCN controller work for Wii U question. Bayonetta 2 = epic! (Archived)LegendaryHeroReborn76/12/2013
Lets be real here, all the big E3 conferences had ups and downs (Archived)
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