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Would you pay $2.99 up charge to be able to play a Wii Game mapped to gamepad? (Archived)nextjenjen711/18/2013
For anyone who didnt get to see the leaked SM3DW review from IGN (Archived)gameG3ni3811/18/2013
Transfer question (Archived)jojothecoltsfan211/18/2013
Pandora's Tower is only $20 at Gamestop. (Poll)3khc1011/18/2013
Typertron's big idea: (Archived)Typertron511/18/2013
Honestly, major third parties have simply ran out of excuses!!! (Archived)
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Can you stand the Wii U console up, or does it have to be flat? (Archived)The_Rami411/18/2013
New Wii U for happy nUw year to Wthe system (Archived)Ikelordsword111/18/2013
happy birthday wiiu !!!! (Archived)
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How long do you guys think it will take the PS4 to outsell thr Wii U (Archived)
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Any great deals in eshop? (Archived)Voelger211/18/2013
Price of a new Wii U? (Archived)FaustXII1011/18/2013
Rosalina or Peach? (Poll)
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Super Mario Smash Bros Wii U board has 5,500+ topics - nothing even comes close (Archived)
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Help! How to assign Pro Controller as Player 2 (Archived)tuna-egg511/18/2013
The biggest reason why Nintendo could exit the console race is because.. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Full Throttle1311/18/2013
First world problems.... (Archived)HungoverHero777511/18/2013
Nintendo first party Wii U vs Wii comparison in first 12 months (Archived)MilesTeg420411/18/2013
What Wii U games will you be playing until 2014? (Archived)The_Rami311/18/2013
Think I'll be able to pick up Mario 3D World at EB Games Xbone midnight release? (Archived)
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