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Your reaction: Nintendo announces new Star Fox, new F-Zero, new Metroid (Archived)
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Does Reggie have an official Miiverse account? And does he really post there? (Archived)HellsingOrg73/28/2013
download time estimated? (Archived)woody7163/28/2013
Listing covers Nintendos involvement with LEGO City: Undercover (Archived)squatch2213/28/2013
Do you think Nintendo should try to make up with EA? (Poll)
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Multiple Wireless Connections (Archived)Counter_Break33/28/2013
Preview of the April Wii U update: Load time down from 24 secs to 8 secs (Archived)
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Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Wii U (Archived)Ada-Wong-Fan43/28/2013
The only thing I know is that Microsoft and Sony will copy the WiiU (Archived)Jx101033/28/2013
If Nintendo consoles ONLY had first-party games, would you still've bought them? (Poll)
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elheber203/28/2013 well are third party games selling? (Archived)
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Nintendo should stop trying to cater to gamers and go all casual (Archived)AstralFrost43/28/2013
Wii U the best console ever? (Archived)Schwepps0193/28/2013
When and where did you buy your wii u? (Archived)
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What would you prefer Retro's Wii U game to be? (Poll)
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So do Nintendo only fans like to wait months for Nintendo exclusive games? (Archived)
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Analog triggers. (Archived)
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Is next next gen the perfect time for Sega to release another system> (Archived)DaLastBoss73/27/2013
I am lucky to have Nintendo dedicated to fans after how fans treat them (Archived)MonarchPoopos43/27/2013
Are the Nsmb games canon? (Archived)
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