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What time can we expect the VC games and Panorama View on the EU eShop? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee44/26/2013
Deus Ex May 7th? Updated (Archived)
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WiiU did not meet expectations, people claim Wii is dead. (Archived)excitebike6454/26/2013
My ZR trigger is broken. (Archived)MrDrippy94/26/2013
Why are these VC games MAD EXPENSIVE? (Archived)
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LMAO! No E3 for Nintendo this year! Ahahaha (Archived)
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C/D Ice Clmber 2 (Archived)KAMMYqueen24/26/2013
Why it makes sense for Nintendo to skip E3. . . (Archived)thundercat260084/26/2013
Play without Wii U Gamepad? (Archived)Blouge64/26/2013
If nintendo stopped support of wii u and released a new console would you buy it (Archived)
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2K skipping E3 (Archived)
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Nintendo isn't going out of business BUT major changes need to happen NOW (Archived)ExtremelyFatGuy94/26/2013
If Nintendo released an HD Super Smash Bros. Game with 50 playable characters... (Archived)thisguy12104/26/2013
what's with the obssesion with stocks? (Archived)Genericgamer66764/26/2013
So if Nintendo is not going to do a E3 conference. ... (Archived)
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E3 thoughts (Poll)
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Nintendo is NOT skipping E3. (Archived)RahzarX94/26/2013
That new update. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman44/26/2013
Why Did Nintendo cancel E3? (Archived)Dstylez244/26/2013
so disappointed! (Archived)
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