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What if the next Metroid was like Uncharted? (Poll)
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Nintendo: Greedy or just Technologically Inept? (Archived)
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As a Nintendo Fan and moreover a fan of video games I'm sort of bummed (Archived)Slayer211185/16/2013
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New 3D Mario > anything on PS4 or 360... (Archived)
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I'd say it's good for Nintendo (and there fans) that PS4 and 720 are being shown (Archived)talesofzelda75/16/2013
If I don't like Ghosts n Goblins, will I not like like Super Ghouls n Ghosts? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee105/16/2013
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Do you want a badass Zelda game for Wii U? (Archived)
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Parents upset about a 'more expensive version of an old console' (Archived)Melkac95/16/2013
What do Wii u owners and Potential buyers want from tomorrows Direct?? (Archived)
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The Wii U is powerful or not? (Archived)
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Which exclusive Wii U game are you most anticipating? (Poll)
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If you have Super Mario World on the WiiU VC Super Mario Bros 2 is 50% off. (Archived)Ellinika_75/16/2013
There are adults alive today that were born after the N64/Playstation/Saturn Gen (Archived)
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Nintendo 3DS First-Party Software Sales Are Up 52 Percent in 2013 (Archived)darkqueenhelba65/16/2013