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Wii U is s*** according to EA Senior Engineer. (Archived)
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RUMOUR: Sega to put Saturn and Dreamcast games on the VC at E3 (Archived)
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Do You Do LPs (Let's Plays) For Games? (Poll)
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Anyone else get a bad impression with Nintendo showcasing a new Sonic (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler185/17/2013
Is any still going buy a nintendo stuff with whole Nintendo vs YT thing. (Archived)
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What'd we get on VC this week? (Archived)CGoblins65/17/2013
I think its time for Sega to fire Sonic Team and hire the fans. (Archived)
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if there is one thing nintendo is best at its backwards compadibility (Archived)tiamat99935/17/2013
POLL: How well do you think the nextbox and PS4 will do at launch?? (Poll)tgbyhnaa95/17/2013
Sonic has been sent to the Wii U to die... (Archived)
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Solid Sonic305/17/2013
GameSpot news too, just in: Engineer says Wii U is crap. (Archived)
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How long is the range of the controller? (Archived)ObtuseAngina55/17/2013
Impressed with today's Nintendo Direct. (Archived)ZatchBell25/17/2013
Has anyone done some sort of hardware benchmark test comparing...... (Archived)David8000845/17/2013
I wish the Wii U would just take a page from the 3DS (Archived)Locke Scythe55/17/2013
RUMOR: Mario & Sonic Racing coming? (Archived)Sakurafanboy45/17/2013
Let's say this is Nintendo's last home console... (Archived)
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