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if you like hyrule warriors, you cant hate on Call of duty for being repetitive (Archived)
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So Hyrule Warriors is pretty much WiiU's own exclusive DW type game. (Archived)NintendoXGames712/20/2013
Castlevania (NES) Wii U issue - owned on Wii VC but no discount? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Nintendo is not going to fire Iwata, even if the Wii U fails. (Archived)chillv812/20/2013
Dat 1500 coins for the Year of Luigi statue. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Can i play Wii U on a VGA monitor??If so what do it need?? (Archived)mattfrank212/20/2013
What are your top 5 games released this year? (Archived)STN791012/20/2013
Do you think Iwata actually sits down and plays Nintendo games? (Archived)
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I have only played Super Mario Galaxy 2. How is the first one? (Archived)
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Any Mario 64 style games? (Archived)ultcomics1012/20/2013
I wish Nintendo asked Namco to make Zelda Calibur. (Archived)
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Zelda should dress up as Link and save Hyrule (Archived)
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Hyrule Warriors is Ninety-Nine Nights (Archived)Sienrurouni312/19/2013
So, I kept an eye on Wii Us while Christmas shopping today (Archived)SalsaSavant712/19/2013
NES Remix is great! (Archived)thepixelgarden812/19/2013
Are these 3 titles a good deal (Archived)chillv912/19/2013
How expensive is PS4 compared to Wii in you NEAREST SHOP? (Poll)maizemaize412/19/2013
They ruined Link in Hyrule Warriors. (Archived)
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special offers during christmas for wii u (Archived)cloz1984212/19/2013
Lets end the Year of Luigi with Luigi's Ballad (Archived)Maverick_Reznor612/19/2013
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