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For those that own a wiiu.. is spending $3-400 worth it? (Archived)
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Name nintendo characters that you relate to and say why? (Archived)linksrus829/20/2013
wind waker digital (Archived)SuperLuigi198859/19/2013
The storage space required for LoZ :WW is surprisingly small. Its about 2 gig's. (Archived)Maverick_Reznor109/19/2013
Any chance at the WW bundle will go up in price? (Archived)Shagyam39/19/2013
Thunderstorms on friday..... (Archived)
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I got a Gamestop giftcard for a birthday present. WiiU game recommendations? (Archived)stalmaster79/19/2013
Which Characters Have the Most Personality from each Zelda title? (Archived)linksrus829/19/2013
i sold my wiiu (Archived)
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Still not sure if I wanna get a Wii U even with the price drop/Zelda bundle (Archived)
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Wind Waker HD: The Changes You Didn't Know (GameXplain) (Archived)duderdude389/19/2013
Crimson Dragon (XB1 game) Director Wants To Work With Nintendo Again (Archived)DarthLaharl39/19/2013
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Hour and a half until Zelda (Poll)
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Ok, some REAL talk about GTA5... (Archived)
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Top Ten Wii U games (Archived)
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It's a shame that Yamauchi kind of put Nintendo in this position. (Archived)
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What time zone does the Nintendo shop use? (Archived)linklyons79/19/2013
Pokemon Rumble U Install Freeze... (Archived)barnabyjones78639/19/2013
Anybody selling their Wind Waker HD download codes for the physical copy? (Archived)SMBfan1369/19/2013