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Wii U is in deep trouble. (Archived)
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Hyrule Historia is the best selling book in America. (Archived)EternalWolf92/9/2013
What are you waiting for this year? (Poll)
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A bundle?? After....3 months? (Archived)
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Microsoft almost purchased sega in order to compete with nintendo and sony. (Archived)Bryon25102/9/2013
This is a random question, but what's added in the Amazing Spider-Man port? (Archived)Banjo255352/9/2013
If you had to choose between these two Wii U cases for your Wii U games... (Poll)Solnot32/9/2013
can wii u pro controller be used for pc (Archived)dennis94101212/9/2013
I just proved the Zelda Cycle wrong! (Archived)KroganBallEater102/9/2013
ITT we predict the next Wii U exclusive to go multiplatform... (Archived)Mixorz102/9/2013
Nintendo is not dying and the Wii U is not doomed. (Archived)
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Ign plays Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. (Archived)
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Had to exchange my Wii U, need to get back all my friends... (Archived)
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Wonder what extra's the WIi U Version of Dead Space 3 will have if it gets (Archived)
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Why didn't Ubisoft still release it and do this instead... (Archived)WatagashiHair_12/8/2013
Id ask for help but (Archived)AriesKakashi72/8/2013
Display cases for SNES games? (Archived)Sharky822/8/2013
So according to gamefaqs Poll of the day, Wii-U isn't next gen. (Archived)Vuts_Up72/8/2013
Nintendo loses Bayonetta 2 just like Rayman Lengends and NG3 Razor's Edge (Archived)
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Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 is out (Archived)
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