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Of those interested who would you like to make the next Star Fox? (Poll)
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Wonderful Mighty No.101 would be interesting for Wii U (Archived)Semi45a29/4/2013
Mind not the demo. Wonderful 101 IS AMAZING! (Archived)
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Wii U Pro Controller. Who has one, and how do you like it? (Archived)
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Kirby must win! (Archived)MasterDarken59/4/2013
If you buy Rayman Legends, please buy it USED (Archived)
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Wii library will be relevant much longer than PS3 or 360 library (Archived)
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I did it! (Archived)dennis94101289/4/2013
Your reaction to a 3D Zelda Four Swords Online... (Archived)HeroC11499/4/2013
Not sure if I want to buy Legends or not. (Archived)georgethecow469/4/2013
C/D: You're getting Wii Fit U to support your Wiifu (Archived)LynxAngeloC89/4/2013
Nintendo should seriously consider buying the megaman IP from capcom. (Archived)
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The Rayman Challenges App just got an update...... (Archived)
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If I get thr Zelda WiiU deluxe... (Archived)firestorm930529/4/2013
Am I the only one that keeps grinning at the character contest pics today? (Archived)Doomerang39/4/2013
Your Reaction: Mighty No.9 boxart is a homage to "THAT BOXART" (Archived)lilburrito89/4/2013
If WWHD really is a REMAKE, then it proves that the Wii U is underpowered. (Archived)
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I wonder how the Shadow of Enternal guys feel about Mighty No 9 lol. (Archived)
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Right Back at Cha! Bring down Sephiroth for Kirby. (Archived)
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Anyone play The Wonderful 101 demo? (Archived)
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