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holiday season is among us, (Archived)
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Have you been in this situation? (Archived)Dannyson97610/30/2013
Wii U and PS4 the best combination (Archived)MikasaAyanami610/30/2013
Wait, wasn't the Wii U's price only cut the last 10 days of the past quarter? (Archived)
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Why don't people say "Nintendo, please be gentle" anymore? (Archived)Izec810/30/2013
People defending Nintendo for continuing their best franchise only (Archived)Snow-Dust310/30/2013
Why are Wii U owners happy with less? (Archived)
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New console - 2015 - Gives $200 to early Wii U adapters (Archived)jaymart_2k710/30/2013
You know what could save the Wii U? (Archived)Kaiser_Giygas110/30/2013
When do Nintendo's quarters run through? (Archived)andizzle29662210/30/2013
is it realistic to expect.... (Archived)Aalvi510/30/2013
The Wii U is pretty much the family dog you'd hate to put down... (Archived)Latino_King810/30/2013
Irritated with Nintendo (Archived)
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Should Nintendo drop the tablet and release a SKU with the Pro Controller? (Archived)
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Is Nintendo going to turn the Wayne Brady promo vids into commercials? (Archived)iKhan88810/30/2013
what will happen if wii fit u and wii party u fails? (Archived)omniryu110/30/2013
WII U is going to the top (Archived)Spookyryu910/30/2013
What if Nintendo has kept quiet on Mario Golf because it's moving to Wii U? (Archived)Ultimate_Umbreo510/30/2013
I have to solve a slide puzzle in wwhd (Archived)
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anyone enjoying wii party u? (Archived)queirotacobell510/30/2013
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