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Can I download Link to the Past or anything that's available on regular vc? (Archived)Squall2836/2/2013
NSMBU to get Pro Controller support! (Archived)
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If you lost your entire game collection... (Archived)retrotator126/2/2013
Any idea what this weeks VC releases will be? (Archived)Dizzy_Kronic66/2/2013
Should nintendo make an ip in which you go look for treasure (Archived)ninsony12106/2/2013
Just because its exclusive to Nintendo doesn't mean its a good game (Archived)
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WOW!!!....the xbox one reveal really did really did make Wii U sales shoot (Archived)googler56/2/2013
wii to wii u transfer not connecting ? (Archived)magiceddie0546/2/2013
So you dislike the Wii U. Then, what do you think is the best system? (Archived)
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VC & WiiWare data transfer (Archived)MOOtodaHOOD86/2/2013
What do you want from Club Nintendo at the end of June? (Archived)
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Let's make a list... (Archived)
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How much bigger is Wii U Pro Controller's D-Pad compared to Wii CCP? (Archived)HakuMan11138636/2/2013
new super mario bros u getting an update to add pro controller support (Archived)thefabregas2266/2/2013
Which Nintendo Wii U game are you most excited to see revealed at E3? (Poll)MilesTeg42046/2/2013
Is Zelda an iterative story game? (Archived)
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Rumor: Nintendo Direct leaked. 10 minutes for Pikmin 3 lmao (Archived)
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A warning about fake pro controllers on Amazon! (Archived)jackorhoads26/2/2013
Your Reaction - The next 3D Mario is actually the third Sonic Wii U game (Archived)MilesTeg42086/2/2013
Is the Black Ops community good on the Wii U? (Archived)
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