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Golden Axe could have been the first "SEGA Reborn" game, but it was axed (Archived)
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Early Adopters Gifts? (Archived)Jiryn48/28/2013
Sony doesn't consider the WiiU competition (Archived)
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Poll: When do you think the Wii U will get it's first official price cut? (Poll)
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I was asking a question on another board, and it turned into Wii U bashing (Archived)
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I think i'm going to get Wind Waker HD digital now (Archived)Solid_Mike8678/28/2013
What happened to the +74% weekly NA sales after Pikmin 3 came out? (Archived)John_Magnum18/28/2013
So with the price drop, What is to become of the basic bundle? (Archived)MushroomMuncher48/28/2013
READ MY LIPS: Wii U wins the PS4/Xbone console war (Archived)
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Wii U finally getting a price drop! (Archived)supernintendo2898/28/2013
Why was there such a big difference between the Wii and the GameCube? (Archived)Watt6478/28/2013
Anybody else want Kessen 4, Opoona 2 and Dynasty Warriors 8XL on Wii U (Archived)ramseanGoodbye78/28/2013
So, what were you first reactions to the price drop and the 2DS (Archived)
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Price drop smart or a desprate attempt to stay relevant? (Archived)
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Will Nintendo release a Wii T now? (Archived)AstralFrost78/28/2013
This caught me so off guard, my minds still comprehending all the news.... (Archived)
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Nintendo STILL hasn't solved the "account problem" (Archived)
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2ds = 3ds emulation for wii u? (Archived)YoyokuKO98/28/2013
Your reaction, Super Smash Bros 4 is to be released in a week. (Archived)
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What's in the bundle? (Archived)ShadianVise108/28/2013