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One thing I hate about the Dynasty Warrior games... (Archived)lowuw712/21/2013
TV HDMI Port problem? (Archived)BravesCountry412/21/2013
your reaction NES REMIX leads to new levels for old nes games (Archived)AceMos612/21/2013
N64 Remix (Archived)Movie64212/21/2013
Q about Virtual Console Games (Archived)wake_me_420512/21/2013
Positive Wii U article for a change (Archived)CoolioKDude712/21/2013
Why can't I transfer (Archived)JMISBEST512/21/2013
Someone good in German? What means medimops? (Archived)justcause2w712/21/2013
Will the Wii U become a Dreamcast or a GameCube? (Archived)
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does nintendo plan on making a paper mario game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
C/D: Nintendo's lack of 3rd party support hurts it's reputation with core gamers (Archived)
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So..... Earthbound.....on TV or Wii U tablet? (Poll)Numbuh100912/21/2013
How do I use my nintendo club coins to buy things on eshop? (Archived)delt31412/21/2013
NES Remix, Emperors New Clothes. (Archived)
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Would you want Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on the Wii U? (Archived)
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Wouldn't Fire Emblem make ALOT more sense for a Dynasty Warriors game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
if i buy a wii vc game in the wii mode on my wii u (Archived)refn1012/21/2013
Got my CN Majora's Mask soundtrack today (Archived)smkorvette712/21/2013
Are the Wii U servers overloading or just running slow? (Archived)kdognumba1512/21/2013
What would it take for the industry to take -WiiU- seriously? (Archived)
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