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WII U sales appear to be pretty successful, what's the worry? (Archived)
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You know in some games when the character falls, you can kinda feel it? (Archived)
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Wii U - Best Game to look Forward to? (Archived)Dstylez244/29/2013
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Do you own any Nintendo consoles? (Poll)
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What Was The Weirdest Thing U Have Seen Happen In Video Games? (Archived)
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I want another Zelda game like Zelda II (Archived)
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In all of these arguments about sales and popularity... Handhelds are the future (Archived)
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Epic Mickey 2 on Wii U: Improved framerate? (Archived)MechaKoopa500024/29/2013
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Which company do you think did the best in the seventh generation? (Poll)
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Gamepad update failed. DON'T PANIC! (Archived)
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New petition wants Activision to bring the DLC to BLOPS2 Wii U. (Archived)
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What company/developer should Nintendo buy? (Poll)
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