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My prediction for when the Wii U will tank is Summer 2013 (Archived)
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Conspiracy that Nintendo wants you to burn through your gamepads (Archived)RykoLibre91/3/2013
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I wanted a Battle Chess game for the Wii. Will there be one .... (Archived)NeojianX31/3/2013
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What Console Do You Have To Accompany Your Wii U? (Poll)
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Does this really justify a purchase of a WiiU? (Archived)Darkstorm1681/3/2013
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LOL. You guys and your motion controls and tablets. (Archived)
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MONOLITH SOFT Wii U (Archived)
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Wii menu black screens (Archived)KHRZ11/3/2013
i hesitate to buy any new games for xbox if can play them on the game pad. (Archived)DQAbel61/3/2013
What WiiU games have achievements/trophies? (Archived)My_Unit91/3/2013
So how about that Pokemon Stadium 3. PLEASE NINTENDO (Archived)
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Is it normal to have a faint high pitched noise from the disc drive? (Archived)pallepaf51/3/2013
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Lack of games for launch? (Archived)
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